Welcome to The Midside In The Midside, Justin, Daniel, and James witness the farce in politics and pop culture that discourages you from being you. Each episode they analyze and mock the previous week’s biggest news, notable art, and craziest social justice outrage.

July 26, 2015  

White People. Can't live with them...well, actually, we are them. As Daniel returns to the show, we talk about the MTV documentary "White People" as well as fast food workers getting a raise and teenagers having less sex.

July 20, 2015  

As Katrina steps in for Daniel, we discuss the free speech issues at Reddit, a judge acting as a psychologist, and the 2015 Emmy nominations. Later in the episode, we consider just how important Firefly really is.

July 13, 2015  

Join Justin, Elliot, and guest host RJD as they navigate this Daniel-less episode through legal suits, fisticuffs, a stabbing, and, perhaps the most brutal of all, Comic Con. We believe in Ben Affleck.